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Party Information

Use our party room to host your next party.
We provide the room and the fun!
You provide the eats and supplies.

Regular price: $216.52 (tax included)
With cash discount: $209

2 games of laser tag for up to 8 guests.
Arcade wristbands* for all laser tag players.
*(Additional available upon request at $6.00 each.)

Additional guests are $25.00 each. (tax included)

The party is scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes, from start to finish.
We ask that your party start and end on time, as we may have additional parties booked before and/or after yours.

To schedule a party, please come to the store during store hours.

Payment form is Visa, MasterCard, or Cash (discount applicable for cash).


If you want to book a party for children under the age of 10, please bring in the birthday child so we can do a walk through to make sure he or she will be comfortable. If the party has children under the age of 10, then the party of players must include at least one paid and participating adult (not an older sibling). Final play eligibility determination will remain the sole responsibility of the ownership.

The arcade is setup on a wristband basis. Only paid wristbands may play games in the arcade.

A word of advice:

I own and operate the laser tag facility as a hobby, for fun. I want to bring the fun and excitement of playing laser tag to the community. To that end I will NOT tolerate obnoxious, annoying, boorish, selfish, critical, and/or down right rude behavior from anyone in the party. Donít ruin your childís birthday: quite simply behave, be nice and follow the rules posted or not, and everyone will have a good time. If you donít, I will tell you to leave. Life is too short to put up with people like that!

Tips for your party:
  1. Please begin your party activities as close to your party start time as possible.
    We suggest waiting no more than ten (10) minutes for late partygoers.
    Wait any longer than that and you risk going over into the next appointment slot.

  2. Once everyone is here, we will begin the laser tag briefing and the start of their first game.

  3. They will run both games back to back. A brief pause to find out if they have questions.
    After the 2nd game they will come out for score sheets.

  4. Next, start with your food items (cake/pizza/etc.).

  5. If it is in your familyís tradition, gift opening and thank yous.

Arcade usage:

Please pay the entire base when you arrive. The wristbands will be issued to the players as they arrive. This will keep those here occupied until the party/laser tag starts. Then when all the laser tag games are complete and food completed, they may come back out into the arcade to play. The arcade wristbands EXPIRE when the party time is over. Usage will be explained.

Remember we have other guests that are going to be using the party room and we do these by appointment. If you run over, we wonít have time to finish cleaning before the next party. It is very uncomfortable for us to have to ask you to vacate the room. Using the above format insures that all necessary room activities will be complete. We are not saying you have to be out of the building by your end time. We only ask that you and your guests be finished with the party room.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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